Peercoin 0.5.x on Raspberry Pi 2

This is for the blog cred, you see.

git clone
cd ppcoin/src
make USE_UPNP= -f makefile.unix -j2 ppcoind

Your binary will be at ppcoin/src/ppcoind. I have tested -j2 to work and not run out of memory, as the raspi2 has 1GB that the video card also dips in to. Compilation takes about an hour, which is still not nearly as long as it takes to synchronize the block chain.

A simple way to start and background it is with (./ppcoind)& and ./ppcoind stop to stop it, just like every other *coin.

If you would like to be a “full node” and accept connections from other peers, and if you have the bandwidth to spare, edit your ~/.ppcoin/ppcoin.conf to contain this stuff after you’ve ran the daemon and shut it down safely for the first time:


For more info, check out this thread on the Peercoin forum.

You can watch the paint dry thusly: watch -n 5 ./ppcoind getinfo